07 July, 2011

When life brings you lemons dress them up and play a game

Today the kids and I were invited to lunch at a friend's house. Christine, is a member of St. Simon Peter Parish and kindly welcomed us with open arms. What a treat to be in an actual home with regular home furnishings. We lunched on hamburgers, cookies, chocolate cake, coffee, tea and milk. Fun was had by all, but the crowning touch for the children was picking lemons from her lemon tree. Lemons are in season here now and they are beautiful! Some are the size of large oranges stateside. Everyone got to pick one and bring it home. They were so excited! They immediately gave names to their lemons and starting being absolutely silly. When we pulled up at our house I found myself saying, "If your lemon is now your new best friend, why don't you take him around back and show him the pool?" The lemons enjoyed a tour and a nap on the air mattress with a doll blankie. Oliver's quickly sported a sock hat and I couldn't help but wonder why I packed ANY toys at all in the shipping container when children can entertain themselves with boxes and fruit. I hope the children won't be too upset when their new friends become lemonade or lemon tart tomorrow.

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