01 July, 2011

License to Drive

I spent some quality time at the licensing bureau of Western Australia today. I found that the licensing bureau here is the same as it is anywhere. Yu dimly queue up and pay money. I could have been in Minneapolis or Timbuktu.

I was in the office to transfer the title to my new car (new to me, it is old, old, old in calendar years) and to register it for another six months.

While there I inquired into getting an Australian driver's license and this is what I found.

American drivers licenses are valid here for a period of ninety days. If you are going to stay longer, they prefer, but do not require, that you get your license before the ninety day period. There is no test for adults. Yu dimly fill out a form (know your height in centimeters) and pay a small fee of $36.20.

For people on medications (like me, I am a diabetic) you will be required to get a little note from your doctor that says that your pills aren't going to cause you to drive off the road. So, a new adventure begins as I have never visited a doctor in another country before.

More to follow on this, I am sure.

Location:Transport Clarkston Line, Perth, WA Australia

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