13 July, 2011

no Middle School in Australia

When I was growing up we had three schools.

Elementary School - Grades k-6
Junior High School - Grades 7-9
Senior High School - Grades 10-12

Then it all changed. We got rid of Junior High School and had middle school instead. Then it looked like this:

Elementary School - Grades k-5
Middle School - Grades 6-8
High School - Grades 9-12

In Australia they only have two schools: Primary and High Scools. The High Schools sometimes are called a collage.

Primary School - Grades k-7
High School -Grades 8-12

UNLESS it is a Catholic School, which are wildly popular here, in which case it is

Primary School - Grades k-6
High School - Grades 7-12

I'm not sure what I can do with this information, but maybe you will find it useful.

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