19 July, 2011

Thrifty digs at the Ops shop

Thrift shopping is nothing new to me. With one income and a gaggle of kids, I often shop thrift stores for clothing and other items. In the midst of our packing we were able to make a very large donation of our stuff for charity. Thankfully Australia has such shops. They are not known as thrift stores or Goodwill here but rather "Ops Shops". I think that's short for opportunity. I'm not sure about whose opportunity it refers though. Mine perhaps in getting a bargain or someone else who benefits from the proceeds. I like the new name (new to me that is). Opportunity Shop is very positive sounding. There are lots of opportunities. The opportunity to get a bargain, to recycle, to help someone in need. It's much better than second hand or thrift store.

The items we saw were typical of what one would find in Minnesota, clothing sorted by color and season, kitchen wares, toys and books. Prices did differ though. There was a half price rack with items for $2. But most clothing was $6 or $7 dollars and not the $2 or $3 I was hoping for. Still, I went away with a renewed sense of hope that we can make a go of it here in Australia. I took comfort in the fact that yes there are thrift stores and Target is just around the corner.

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  1. oh, but i hope you are not expecting the same standard from 'our' target, as what i've heard 'your' target is like?? also depending on which op shop you go to, some are cheaper than others.