06 July, 2011

"Sing to the Mountains. Sing to the Sea!"

A five minute drive west from our house lands us here, the Indian Ocean. This was our first official outing with just "Mum." I've become familiar enough with driving on the left side and with our roads/surroundings to venture out this afternoon. AND, the weather was cooperating. I sat by the pool with my lunch today and my pastey white Minnesota cheeks got some color. In reality, it is still only 60 something but lovely in the sunshine.
We had intended to also go to the Joondalup library but Oliver's wet pants lead us to stop home first. He was mortified to sit in his undies for the ride home. Upon arrival at home, we found neighbor kids wanting to play so the library trip was postponed.


  1. oh Erica, what a wonderful fabulous adventure you are on, surely one of your kids will have to write a book!! Take lots of photos!!! I'm finally remembering to add you to my reader so I don't miss a thing!!
    G'day ;)

  2. Note: Cheeks in this context are the bits on the face.