06 July, 2011

We are the Rieckens and would like to apologize in advance

I am slowly meeting people. I've become accustomed to speaking to strangers in fact. While at the grocery store I often ask the poor person who happens to be in ear shot something inane like, "Excuse me, is this sour cream actually sour cream like you would put on a baked potato?" I've never bought sour cream in what looks like a small carton for whipping cream before. Turns out, just like the kind woman at the store with the lovely accent said, "It's beautiful!" The creamiest (I know this can't be good for me) sour cream.

Today I met our neighbor to the east, under a more distressing situation. "Hello, I'm Erika Riecken your new neighbor. I'm so sorry, but my daughter Zoey has just bitten your son. There luckily isn't any blood. I'm not sure why she did it, but I wanted you to know that we do not accept this kind of behavior and she has made an apology and been punished." Belinda was very congenial and we chatted for some time on the front step. I probably should have apologized too for my children teaching her children how to play "toilet tag." Aussies play tag but not TOILET TAG. That was something new. I'm so proud.


  1. Ha~ha! Well, that's a new way of meeting neighbors, eh? It is fun to hear of your adventures down under! :-)

  2. One of my friends moved to France with her hubby and five children. She met her new neighbors when they realized that the youngest children were left in the back of the taxis that brought them from the airport! LOL...enjoy every blessing and opportunity the Lord gives you!