02 July, 2011

House Music... and Zombies

I am still adjusting to the sounds that out house makes in the small hours of the night.

It is raining tonight (it currently being 6:00am and still dark out due to the Winter sun, I can still call it night).  And there is a drain pipe that goes down the side of our house in the patio area.  So you can imagine that when it rains there might be some noise that comes from this drain pipe...

Our house has almost no furniture yet.  The shipping container won't come for 6-10 weeks.  So there is a terrible echo throughout the house.

(You can see where this is going?)

When the rain slows down, this drain pipe makes a gurgling noise... much like a zombie outside of your door wanting to come inside and eat your brains....

Which echos through the entire house...

and apparently, in the case of an Australian zomb-pocolipse, I will be the only one awake for it.

Now that I know the source of the brain eating freak's gurgling call, I can go back to bed... but not yet back to sleep.  So instead of finding another hour of sleep, I blog.  My irrational fear of drain spout noises will hopefully translate into some minutes of reading pleasure for you.

Also, I can hear the toilet tank running (it doesn't seal properly and perpetually fills) from across the house. This however, has a financial, and not a survival, aspect to it.

Trying to return to sleep now.  Good night zombies.... wherever you are.

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  1. LOL oh i'm glad i'm not the only one to have midnight noise freakouts! I was half convinced we had 'someone' living in our roof for the first few months. And did i ever do the sensible thing and LOOK in the roof cavity?? Nope, I'd just jump a mile whenever i heard weird creaking. I imagine with all the noise my crew make, that the "someone" must've moved out, as i don't hear it as much any more ;D