06 September, 2011

The Flora and Fauna of Oz - Part Three : Crows (or something)

So I'm standing outside with my neighbor, Chris.  We're talking about his sea kayak and the kids are milling about when this bird flies overhead making this most unusual sound.

Me: What's that bird
Chris: That's a crow
Me: What's wrong with it?  Why is it making that sound?
Chris: What sound?
Me: (Imitating sound coming from the crow)
Chris: That's the sound that they make.  What do crows say where you come from?

I guess even the animals here have Australian accents.

Where I come from, crows say "Caw".  It rhymes with "Paw" or "Pa" and is not this long drawn out sound effect.

For my American friends... I give you the Australian crow (or something)