14 July, 2011

Caversham Wildlife Park

Last Saturday, on the advice of a friendly co-worker, we took the family to the Caversham Wildlife Park in the countryside to the East of Perth.

The park is somewhat like a zoo, in that there are many animals in cages.  But more interesting is that many of the animals are not in cages.  This gives the animals an opportunity to interact with the humans... and gives the humans a chance to interact with the critters.

The Entrance to Witeman Park, where the Caversham Wildlife Park is found.
Critter Alert!  Let's see.. Kangaroos, Cows, and... ?! What is that?

At The Park Entrance
It costs $101 for the whole crew to go in.  It was worth every cent.
In the large kangaroo encounter area (that's not what they call it)

The 'roos are fat and lazy.  Why be anything else when hundreds of children bring you hands full of food.

Brave James is the first to approach an upright 'roo.

Zoey feeds a 'roo.  It is taller than her.  James is there for emotional support.

Oliver has the 'roos eating out of the palm of his hand.

Isaac commented that the 'roos fur is very soft.  It is - it is like cat fur.

A 'roo on the go.

Hannah has a new buddy.

Zoey, of course, found the smallest kangaroo in the park (that wasn't in a pouch) and had to snuggle it.

Madeline and a mob of kangaroos.

Emu.  Emo emu.  Freaky bird.  The fence next to it is just over waist high on a 2m tall adult.

Zoey grew brave enough to wander off on her own to commune with the wildlife.

Here's the kids and a ... Quokka.  I have no idea what a Quokka is... but there is one in the background.

The park is divided into sections based on parts of Australia.  And there is a large farm (domestic animal) section as well.  Here we walk from SE Australia's section to the farm.

In the farm section they had a bunny pen.  It is only open to kids five and under.  Oliver sat down and the bunnies started to mob him.  It didn't hurt that he had food for them.

City boy successfully milks a cow.  Shortly thereafter the cow urinated on the farmer.  What do you think the kids will remember?

Matilda the Carpet Python.  Picture by Hannah.

Rieckens + Wombat + Park Lady = Christmas Picture?

Some minions with a Barking Owl.

Zoey FINALLY found a DINGO!  She loves dingos.

Erika is pinching a koala's butt.
No... really... she is just stroking with the back of her hand.

All of the Rieckens and a sleeping marsupial.

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