02 April, 2012

Meet the newest member of our family!!

We have 'hired' this Yamaha from the friendly family at WA Music in Innaloo. It's a family business that supplies all sorts of instruments including pianos to WA. They employ a strings expert, and the twin sons move and tune the pianos. It is so nice to have a piano in our home. We have been without one for 9 months. Yikes! The kids are eager to start some lessons and I will hopefully make some $ teaching in the near future. Thank you to the special people who helped us to make this happen!!

19 February, 2012

But It's a Dry Heat

It's 90F here (32.2C) and we don't have the air conditioning on. Back in Minnesota, this would be UNBEARABLY HOT. But here we didn't even notice until we saw the temp on-line. 90F? Really? The lack of humidity really helps. Also, living in an area with a sea breeze sure makes things bearable. I do not think that 90F/32.2C in Perth is the same as 90F/32.2C in Minnesota. Here it is a pleasant Summer day, back in Minnesota it is a sweltering malaria infused heat wave of death.

Or maybe we're acclimating.

When I go back to visit, I wonder if it will now be unbearably cold.

18 February, 2012

Two weeks ago we went to mullaloo beach for swim lessons. Of the two weeks the kids there where whining about jellyfish. I had a fun time at swim lessons. And I was in level four and now I am in level five. on Sunday Oliver, Zoey, mom, dad, and I went to mullaloo beach. and snorkeled for a bit and caught waves. About an hour later we where leaving right when we where about to leave I felt a pinch on my arm. And it stung in an irritating way. I looked at my arm and there where red marks I thought o no jellyfish. It didn't hurt much so I talked to I life guard. she said I should rinse it off or put ice on it. When I got home I put ice on it. It felt much better.