10 June, 2011

Waiting for a Lease

I went to see a great property on Wednesday. The best part, by far, was meeting the neighbors with small children. Their names are Tony and Jo. They have kids Lilly and Ryan which are close in age to Oliver, James and Hannah.

Having looked through the house I am sold on it. The other houses that I have seen do not suit us. Either e bedrooms are way to small or the house is way to old (and smelly - if you now me you know how sensitive my sense of smell is).

I out in my lease application on Thursday morning and hopped to hear back from them by Friday morning. It is now 12:35 in the afternoon and I have no word. I did call at 11:00, but the agent was "tied up". I want to call again, but am afraid of coming across as a stalker.

So, I was in the neighborhood at the Joondalup library and decided to make a drive by of the property. I am sitting here watching the neighborhood go about it daily routine unaware that it is being observed.

The mail carriers has just gone by on his rounds on his motorcycle and a student driver jus pulled away from a curb. Apparently this is a good place for that as there are loops anadromous very little traffic. It appears that the student driver is practicing parking at the curb and starting up on a hill.

Still waiting...

Location:Joodalup, WA, Australia

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