10 June, 2011

The Oz Cinema Experience

Wow. I am sitting in a very plush theater. The cinema at he main Joodalup mall is all velvet and curtains. The ticket prices are Hightower for adults ($17.00) but that is not completely out of line for a high class heater on a Friday night.

One thing that was odd for me was that there was no marquee showing the moving and their show times. The movies now playing were printed and displayed on a cardboard stand without the times. I had to ask at the ticket counter. I may have missed the listings as I kind of came in a side door.

I, of course, started up a conversation with the ticket taker and he insisted on giving me some of the MUST SEE Australian movies. On his list are: The Castle and Chopper. I also received an accent lesson. In Castle the A is pronounced like a person from Boston saying "car".

Another interesting tidbit is that the cinema doesn't show rated R movies.

Anyway, I saw "Super 8" and I give it a thumbs up. It has a little bit opt everything for everyone, but might be a tad too scary for younger children. I'd say 12+.

Location:Joondalup, WA, Auatralia

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