10 June, 2011

A New Strategy

After speaking with some of the other people going through the house I just tired on Galleon Street, I think that a change of strategy might be in order.

I order to get my family into. House when they arrive in two weeks, I think that I should be applying for everything that I see. If it fits and and isn't completely offensive, I should put in an application. Tis means that the stinky 70s throwback house in Stirling should get an application as should the house with the too small bedrooms. We will try a shorter lease on those and see if we can't trade our way up.

Of course the hope is still that the Joondalup house will come through. The owners are thinking on the applications now. They MIGHT get back to me over the weekend, but there is no guarantee that they will either get back to me at all and, if they do, that the answer will be in the affirmative.

I would hate to have to move everybody into a vacation (holiday) rental at some outrageous rate only to move everybody again. I would rather get something at a nominal rate that is sub-optimal and have everyone appreciate the upgraded place all the more.

What do you think? Use the comments section to voice your opinion.

Location:Joondalup, WA, Australia

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