10 June, 2011

Joondalup Public Library

While waiting for word back on the lease on a property here in Joondalup, I
have taken the opportunity to visit the local public library. The city of Joodalup has four libraries. The main branch, near the city hall, is open seven days a week, while the rest are not. This library is nice, but is not as large as the large libraries I have visited back in Minnesota. I would put this one on par with the RumRiver library in Anoka, MN, USA.

The process for getting a membership is easy enough. You simply need to prove residency. A signed lease would do the trick, if I had one on me. Tree are no membership fees and you can check out up to ten items at a time in each card. Our children can have their own cards.

The children's section is colorful and geared towards the stroller set. They also have a teen lounge filled with bean bags and moody vampire novels. (It is a small world.)

Downstairs is a reference library and a local history section. I have not yet visited down there as I am waiting (fretfully) for a phone call from the realtor and don't know if I can take a call down there. From where I am I can dodge out the front door quickly.

Behind the library is the city hall and behind that is a little preserved land, they have recently had a bit of a brush fire there and the trees are all scorched, but they appear to be coming back.

Apparently this is also kangaroo country, as thee are cautionary signs warning of the critters on the road next to the library. Mind you that this is directly next to the government center and library. I did hang out for a while until my parking time expired (AU$0.60 per hour), but no kangaroos presented themselves for a photography session.

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