10 June, 2011

2 Galleon Road

I am sitting out in front of another house to look at. There is a 90minute wait between now and the time of the showing. I have taken some pictures of the property and will try to have this posted before I actually take the tour.

The front yard looks like it has been given up on, but that seems pretty typical of this neighborhood. I suspect that not much grows. Although the neighbor had a healthy flower garden in full bloom (and I thought that this was the winter).

From the street I can see a lemon tree in the back yard. This will belay any fears of scurvy striking the family in the near future. We can just go out into the back yard and suck on the tree.

This is, so far, on my B list, with the Joonalup property still heading the list.

I spoke with the agent's assistant at 1:00, it now being 3:00, an she said that the property owner and the agent were in a meeting about the property then and that she would call me as soon as she had an answer.

Wow... Long meeting.

I am going to trot off to the local Mackers and grab a cheeseburger and post this on the free WiFi.

Maybe this will be the dream house once I see the inside.

God provides for the birds in the trees... How much more does He love me?

And as an add on note, I just met some of the neighbors. Ruben is ten years old and they have another son who is fourteen and a thirteen year old daughter. I did not get to meet either of the teen agers though.

Jo, the mom, seems nice enough. She just moved here in January herself, but from just a little further out of town. We laughed about the weather differences. They were in jumpers (sweaters) and I am in a t-shirt.

The ocean is just a stones throw away and you can smell the salt air from here. You can also readily hear Marmion Ave, a major thoroughfare, which is just meters away, though it is separated by a fence and a vegetation wall. Jo says that kids will drag race on the road on weekend nights, so sometimes you have to deal with that noise.

Jo and foamily have been watching the previous occupants move and then a crew come in and clean up the place. It is good to know that some time and dare was taken to make the place ready for new occupants.

The local public school is walking distance away and is, according to Jo, a good one. This isn't really a concern for us, but it is nice to know.

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