11 June, 2011

1 Canberra Rise, Ocean Reef

This home is a bit older and it feels a bit dated, but it has large bedrooms and is very close to both the ocean and everything Catholic.

First off, it is across the street from a park. The park backs up to a Catholic primary school and church.

You can see the stairs leading up to the school in this snap, and the yellow building in the background is the church. We could walk to mass!!!

There is a Catholic University three blocks away.

The ocean is not too far off and we are but a few minutes form the train.

The appliance kind of suck. The range is old and the stove is small.

The master bedroom is at the front of the house and then there is a long hallway going to the back three bedrooms. This house also has a separate WC, bath and laundry room for the back of the house.

The bedrooms are all above average in size for an Australian house. They are all a little pinkish though. Pink and blue must have been popular color that week.

New carpets throughout. New carpets have their own particular stench that I could not identify at first. Once the realtor identified it for me though, I understood and it was tolerable.

The back yard is smallish, and contains a bottle brush tree. I am told that this blooms with bright red flowers in the Spring.

On the down side, the neighbors house connects to this one (though there is no entry) and it appears to be a group of young men, each with their own car parked on their front lawn.

Other than the chatter of the neighbors over the fence, the road was quiet and serene. This is on my B list.

They want a $510 application fee, which is non-refundable if they select you. This means that good applications can end up losing money if they get selected by multiple landlords.

Location:1 Canberra Rise, Ocean Reef, WA, Australia

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