10 June, 2011

21 Medowbrook Promenade, Currambine

I love this house!!!!!!

It has a small pool and decent sized bedrooms and, from the front yard, you can see the Indian Ocean. It is minutes away from the train and they are asking just a pittance.

The strategy here is to be more attractive than the other ten families that came through the house with me. According to the realtor, this means more money. They are asking $480/wk and I will offer $525. Tis is less than the Joodalup house that I like so much, but it is a much bigger and nicer house,

Some pictures:

The Ocean is the straight blue line. Yes it is far off, but you can see it.

Here is the pool. It is small, but it would be wonderful on a hot summer day. There is also a shade sling.

There is a little wall separating a room off of the kitchen from... another room off of the kitchen. I am thinking that one is a school room and one is a living room.

There is an additional room at the front of the house that is kind of a sitting or media room. This shot was taken from the dining room off of the kitchen.

Here is a wonderful picture of my left thumb... And a gas range.

From the front room there is a hall that goes into first a study and then the master bedroom. From there the hall beds to go to the other three bedrooms, a laundry room and three bedrooms. All of the bedrooms are above normal size.

I don't have a picture of it, but there is a separate bath room and WC.  The toilet is being shy off to the right.



  1. i have yet to catch up on all your posts, and hope you have found somewhere, but this caught my eye and felt compelled to say that swimming pool looks illegal, all pools in oz must be fenced for safety, i don't know the ins and outs of the regulations, but the landlords, are responsible for providing the tenant with a legal pool. fingers crossed for your house hunt :)

  2. 5+2=1: You're correct. I was not aware.

    The relevant legislation is here:

    It appears that we can install a free-standing barrier if the windows and doors are not of the type specified in the legislation. I will bring this to the property owner at signing.

    Thanks 5+2=1.

  3. ohhh you getting this one??? congrats!! look forward to 'seeing' you again on the HS forum :)