11 June, 2011

3 Zurich Fairway, Hocking

This property is for sale for $460,000. The owners have moved to Canberra for work and have a desperate need to sell. The agent was geared mainly to that type of transaction. I told her my need and upped the asking price of $460/wk to $500/wk rent with the condition that the house be available for me BEFORE Erika and the kids arrive. The realtor is going to talk to the owners and see if they will change their plans.

Beautiful newer house in a newer development. The houses are still being built and sold, so there are a lot of signs pointing the way to open houses and the like.

I parked in front of the house across the street an hour before the open house, as I am want to do. I do this to listen to the sounds, observe traffic and see if I can't talk to any neighbors before I see the house. The lady in front of whose house I was parked cam out and asked me to move, as she was expecting some 12 guests. I introduced myself and explained why I was there and we chatted for a while. Her two charming daughters aged 3 and 6 came out to see what was up. It shouldn't bother me that she lied about the guests needing parking. She just probably wanted the strange man gone from in front of her hues. It does however bother me. She also had little good to say about the neighbors. One was loud, another was stubborn, etc... Sigh...

The house is nice inside withe BUILT IN SCHOOL ROOM. There is a small desk built into this little nook and a mural of Noah painted on the wall. This is the view from the kitchen... So you can keep an eye on the kids while doing other things.

The wood floor is gorgeous in the dining/living rooms and kitchen. It has modern appliances and a clean feel.

The bedrooms are fine, though one has florescent lighting as the owner used it as a beauty salon in her home.

The master bedroom and a sitting room are located at the front of the house. The house is painted in modern, tasteful colors. I ink that I twas built in 2007.

It is okay. The realtor was very concerned about the number of children.

Location:3 Zurich Fairway, Hocking, WA, Australia

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