30 May, 2011

Take Me Out to the .... MOVIES!

I am briefly setting aside the terror that is finding temporary housing in Australia (my original plans fell through) to write about one of my great joys - going to the cinema.

I was hoping that the movies would be different from everything else in Australia, which seems to tend towards being 10-25% more expensive than in the US.  At my local cinema, the ticket prices for adults ate $8.50 each (cheaper on Tuesdays).  So I was expecting something like $15.00 per in Perth.


$8.00 per ticket - and that is any show (though 3D movies are $3.00 more expensive).

This is with a membership ($10.00 per year) to the Ace Cinemas.  This is WONDERFUL news for me.

Phew - okay, now back to finding temporary housing.

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