26 May, 2011

Legal Forms

Erika and I stayed up a little late last night crafting some legal documents. Before leaving the country with your kids, you might needs these too. We wrote out:

Power of Attorney Forms

We created one granting Erika power of attorney for our affairs when I am gone ahead of her. The power of attorney is written into our state law and there is even a sample form in the legislation. We just used that.

We created two additional assignments of power of attorney granting my parents the power for both my and Erika's affairs for after when we are both gone. Erika's mom has the right of review for all of Erika's stuff. We don't anticipate any trouble, but that.keeps everyone in the loop.

We still have not settled everything with the house and we see the need to have someone sign on our behalf.

Child Travel Consent

In todays world, international child abductions are not unheard of. This is especially true with custodial disputes. One parent will take the children to the country of their birth in a parental kidnapping.

To prevent this, it is difficult for one parent traveling alone to travel with kids without the other parent. We drafted two sets of documents giving permission for my father and Erika to each travel with the children without the presence of both parents. We kind of mashed up several forms that we found on-line.

We need to get both sets of forms notarized today.

Location:Andover, Minnesota, USA

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