26 May, 2011

I Quit

Erika and I finally pulled the trigger on the move and did the hardest part of this venture: I quit my job. Or, to be more accurate, I put in m notice.

I must confess that my new favorite hobby is to tell people where we are going - there must be some sin in this, vanity perhaps. Many of my coworkers did not believe me at first and I enjoyed watching the reaction change from humor to surprise. This has been the case telling others as well.

We had refrained from telling my work because it was't real until the visa came through.

And in actuality, I had another GREAT job prospect within Siemens that it pains me walk away from. Telling m friend and colleague, Michael Golm, that I would not be moving out to Princeton, NJ to work for Corporate Technology's little research park there was HARD. They had the coolest projects and the smartest people in one of the nicest offices that I have ever visited. And New Jersey isn't bad at all once you getaway from Newark.

Ultimately we made the decision that's we think is best for the kids and our family and NOT the decision that would have paid the most, been the funnest for me, or would have been the least work.

I pray that it was the right one.

Location:Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA

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