29 May, 2011

Emptying Out the House

This is a long weekend in the United States.  Monday is "Memorial Day".  Down under, this might be similar to ANZAC day.

We have taken this weekend as an opportunity to pack up a lot of the things remaining in the house.  We have completely cleared out the playroom above the garage and the basement.  It is strange to see these rooms nearly the same as when we moved in.  It is odd to hear the rooms echo when you speak.

I have spent a great deal of time backing up media and hard drives - to make sure that we have copies of everything that is important to us before we set out.  One 2TB HD will go with me and two 1TB drives will be going with Erika.  Redundant systems make for happy nerds.

We should have the prototype shipping container (a chalk outline in the garage) set up tomorrow.  Then it is only a matter of doing little things like scrubbing the bike tires and cleaning out the toolbox.

We did find out that we should plan for about $3,000 is import duties and customs fees upon arrival in Australia.  THIS is why the company we are using is so much cheaper.  Yuck.  This was the money that we had ear marked for a refrigerator and mattresses.  I'll write more about our shipping issues in another post - suffice to say that it was a surprise.

So - packing, packing and more packing.  More detail to come.

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