23 February, 2011

You're going where?!

Michael flies out this Friday for a job interview in Perth, Western Australia. Things are moving a bit quicker than we had anticipated. If he is offered this job, he most likely will be giving notice at Siemen's and then flying over as soon as the end of March sometime.

We have kicked our liquidation of possessions into high gear. Michael has set up an online garage sale of sorts here: GoRosary.com Check it out and let me know if there are any items you are interested in. The prices are just a guideline. Please feel free to make an offer on anything.

He may even try to check out this house whilst he is on the continent. Have a look-see here.

1 comment:

  1. Yay, i am following u now! what an adventure! being someone who has been on a lot of unknown adventures, u will have a blast. living overseas is always an adjustment but at least they speak english for the most part :) it reminds me of a lot of my experience of moving to spain...have to admit i am a little envious. we have been here 3 years now and every once in a while the "itch" starts to itch :)