27 February, 2011

Gone Down Under

Today I am saying lots of prayers for Michael as he interviews and travels home. Before he left, we found out that he is going to be having possibly 4 interviews instead of the 2 he was planning on. (I'm not sure what verb tense to use because he may be still waiting to start interviewing, currently in the interview, or finishing up.) Anyway, it looks like it is/was going to be a very long day!

This morning (at 2:30 am central time) he called to say he had made it to Perth, checked into his hotel, and was out an about exploring the city center. He was able to meet up with our friend Gil and his daughter at the Sydney airport. And of course he enjoyed meeting many folks on all the different legs of his flights. First he flew to Dallas, then to Los Angelos, next to Sydney, and then on to Perth.

The Online Garage Sale is going very well. I have sold items, and are holding others. I will continue to update it so check back often. (I haven't even set foot in the garage yet!) Here's the link again:.

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