23 January, 2011

Breaking the News - The Long Goodbye

We told our parents today that we are leaving the hemisphere.  They took it surprisingly well.

We had begun telling friends first, knowing that they would be more supportive, and to see how people would react before we told those closest to us.  I suppose that sounds kind of backwards.  We wanted to hone our technique before we brought out act to the people most important to us.

Anyway, everyone took it fine.  My parents were quite quiet, but did not act out in any way, as my sister had led me to believe that they might.  Erika is on the phone with her mom right now and they're chatting away like nothing has changed.  I suppose that, for those two, it is not as large of a change because they already live 375 miles apart.  What's another 8.700 miles?

I, being the family nerd, have already set my parents up with Skype.  Erika is convincing her mom that it is easy to set up.  Both sets of parents have new computers, which makes communications much easier.  I'm glad that they bought their computers, because otherwise the plan would have to have been for us to buy them for our parents.

We're calling and telling siblings next (some already know).  Once the family all knows, we are opening up this blog for viewing by them.

So - Mom, Dad, Sisters, Brothers, etc. if you are reading this "Hi" and welcome to the blog.

Once the shock of finding that your relation is moving to the other side of the globe, the process of saying goodbye starts.  We hope to come back every few years, but who knows what might happen.  This may very well be the last time that we see some people in person.

More phone calls to make.

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  1. I think the Mom's are both in denial but that's ok.