08 March, 2011

Michael signs contract; fails to contract the flu bug

Michael has negotiated and signed an employment agreement with PSC (Power Services Consultancy) Perth, Western Australia. His first day will be 4th April, pending our visa being approved and processed. Wow! Things are going at lightening speed.

In other news, this is the THIRD week of illness at our house. The boys all had the flu with fever, vomiting, headache and a cough. Isaac had a fever on and off for 11 days! James and Oliver ended up with ear infections. Whilst the boys were sick, Madeline, Hannah and Zoey had head colds. Then once Oliver and James had recovered with the help of amoxicillin; Hannah started in with a fever. Thankfully, Josef was able to leave for boot camp healthy! The next to fall was little Zoey yesterday who complained of a headache and then promptly dropped off to sleep as a fever raged. Will Madeline continue to escape the miserable grip of the flu? Will the flu shot protect Dad? Will Mom continue to care for the sick lings whilst staving off the ever present flu germs?? Stay tuned....

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