22 October, 2011

Squid dissection

Two weeks ago, I dissected a squid at Scitech. It was awesome. First, I went in the room where I was going to dissect a squid. Our teacher (I forgot her name it started with a C) had a video camera on a stand right above her dead squid hooked up to a screen. The class and I grabbed some stool's to sit on. Our teacher was telling us about squids for a while. Then, she told as to pick a squid. The squids where in little trays with one or two tools in them. There where about twenty trays on a table that was shaped like a square U. I was on the edge right next to the teacher and a boy about my age named Alex. He had never dissected anything before. He asked, "are you from america?" and I said, "yes, and I'm from Minnesota." My squid had very short tentacles. I named it Inky. Then our teacher told us to cut the squid open right up the back. It was hard to cut. Then she told us to find its' ink sack with out it spilling. Mine spilled all over. Then we cut out its' gills (they looked like feathers). Then we cut out its' three hearts. One heart was for its' body and two for each gill. The teacher wanted to cut my squids head off and she showed the whole class it's brain.... then she told us to name each part of its body. It was cool and I figured out how to tell a boy squid from a girl squid. I really liked it. It was fun, yes I said fun.

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